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Multiply the results of Glutathione IV treatments such as our Glutanex Drip

Replenish and Brighten your skin with the potent combination of medicine grade glutathione skin whitening pills and glutathione face masks. The Glutanex Kit is a revolutionary all in one whitening booster kit that will give you a new glowing, gorgeous complexion.

15 Glutathione sheet mask

100 glutathione tablets



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100 tablets

300~500mg daily

Powerful antioxidant, melanin suppression to help your skin reveal the healthy glow from the inside. Improves liver functions from chemical poisoning, alcohol poisoning, and chronic liver diseases. It is a medical grade Glutathione tested and approved by MFDS to be pure and highly effective.

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15 sheets

Invest one sheet a day for 15 minutes to achieve firm and luminous skin looking younger than ever. It is mild made with 100% pure cotton to fit perfectly on face without irritation. Holds plentiful serum to last keeping your face hydrated and glowing till the next day.

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Continue your whitening therapy in daily routines. The cream includes three most powerful ingredients used in whitening drips to keep skin luminous even at home. Apply layers of the cream to achieve desired skin tone. 

50ml x 1 box