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Multiply the results of Glutathione IV treatments such as our Glutanex Drip

Replenish and Brighten your skin with the potent combination of medicine grade glutathione skin whitening pills and glutathione face masks. The Glutanex Kit is a revolutionary all in one whitening booster kit that will give you a new glowing, gorgeous complexion.

15 Glutathione sheet mask

100 glutathione tablets

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Beauty of being confident in your own skin.
GLUTANEX-GLOW, as the combination of the most powerful agents rejuvenates and strengthens skin barriers to maintain healthy skin. It is a line of Glutanex series which helps restore skin condition quickly through use of a compound of amino acids, vitamins and mineral that are vital for cell survival.
Keeps skin moisturized by prescribing hyaluronic acid which is a natural moisturizing agent.

Glutathione + PDRN + Tranexamic Acid + Peptides + Growth Factors

5 vials

Topical / MTS / Mesotherapy / Intradermal

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Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in the body. The natural production of glutathione diminishes as we age, which is important that we consume it in variety of forms. IV glutathione is the most optimal way to consume since it maximizes absorption in the body.

1200mg Glutathione (10 vials)



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100 tablets

300~500mg daily

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5 sheets & 15 sheets

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