Accunex Ampoule 4mL* 5 Vials

High Concentrations of 2 Peptides and 12 Growth Factors



- Skin Immunity and Anti-microbial Effect

- Keeps Skin Healthy without Irritation

- Wound Healing and Cell Proliferation Effect




Mannitol: Protein stabilizer
EGF / aFGF: Growth factor involved in rapid wound healing
IGF-1 Cell proliferation
hBD3H: Antimicrobial of acne skin
Flt-3L: Activate immune cells and promote
multiple growth factors on skin
IP-10 / INF-y / TNF-a: Enhances immunity
hGH: Skin rejuvenation
Phyto-NEP: Anti-inflammatory, anti-itchy peptides involved in skin trouble


1. Growth Factors: Naturally Repairs Damaged Skin

2. Peptides: Functional Food for Skin


Accunex Ampoule

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