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  • Ingredient : Ginkgo Leaf Extract 17.5mg/5mL
  • Volume  : 25A/box
  • IV, IM


  • Efficacy



1. Brain circulation disorder and brain related disorder (cerebrovascular disorder), brain dysfunctions with the following symptoms : intellectual digression, dizziness, ear noise, headaches, eyesight disorder, memory failure, anxiety, depression, labyrinthine deafness, auditory and speech impairment  due to, vascular and metabolic cervical symptoms


2. arteriosclerotic angiosis, diabetic blood vessel injury PAOD-(peripheral arterial occlusive disease or intermittent claudication) occlusive endangiitis, other hormonal and nervous vascular disorder, angiosis, hypotrophy due to angiosis such as peripheral circulatory disturbance




Ginkgo (25A)

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