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Ingredients and Dosage:

Glutathione 1200mg



IV / IM Injection


Packing Unit:

10 Vials per box

95 boxes per master carton


On-Label Usage (MFDS / KFDA Standard):

Prevention of nervous system symptoms due to cisplatin or other similar chemical treatment.


Also commonly used for:

Melanin suppression (skin tone brightening), Powerful antioxidant, Antiaging



Sealed shaded containers, Store in room temperature (between 130)


Why choose Glutanex Inj. over other Glutathione injections?

Nexus Pharma is Korea’s number 1 exporter of glutathione injections. While most of the world’s Glutathione Injections are plain API (raw ingredient in powder form), Nexus Pharma’s Glutanex Injections are all lyophilized (freeze dried) glutathione. This advanced manufacturing process enhances purity and potency – meaning they are engineered for injection use.

Glutanex (Glutathione 1200mg)

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