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About Us




  1. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

    "the nexus between industry and political power"

    • a connected group or series.

      "a nexus of ideas"


Nexus Pharma is a Pharmaceutical/Cosmeceutical company, with the focus of achieving aesthetics through internal health. Our products focus not only on beauty, but also in medicinal applications. As a partner to many of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in Korea, Nexus Pharma becomes the bridge to worldwide companies, clinics, and hospitals who are in search of Korean manufactured injections, fillers, drugs, professional beauty products, and other skin care appliances. 

Nexus Pharma specializes in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, food supplements, and medical devices. We currently supply over 100 businesses (hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical distributors) on every continent. 

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